Classes Offered:

Tippy Toes (Combo Class):  (2-5 yr olds)

Teaches basic ballet, Jazz and tumbling. Teachers help the little dancers develop Ballet and Jazz terminology, coordination, rhythm, social skills and confidence. Teachers and little dancers discover dance skills while being creative. The dancers have fun while learning at the same time!  **$35 for 2-3 yr olds & must be pottytrained. 

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Tumble Hoppers Boys (Hip Hop):

This class starts with a simple rhythmic warm-up with pop & lock isolations followed by Hip Hop technique, and fun new age choreography.  The little hip hoppers also work on basic tumbling/break dancing & strength building techniques that will help with harder break dancing in the future.  Lots of fun and popular with little boys!  

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Girls Hip Hop (Ages 6+):

This class starts with a simple rhythmic warm-up with pop & lock isolations. The warm up is followed by Hip Hop technique, and fun stylized choreography. We use new age music that is encouraging & positive. We often teach and use basic breakdance moves in class.  

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Tumbling (ages 6+):

This class is for students who want to learn tumbling skills starting with forward rolls and handstands to eventually round off triple back hand springs, back tuck.  This class is essential for dancers wanting to learn tricks. The class starts with a warm up & stretching followed by core and muscle strengthening, tumbling instruction & spotting. Skill level testing will take place the last week of every month. Students must pass off each level with the instructor before they move on to the next.  

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Combo Class: Jazz / Ballet / Technique Levels 1, 2 & 3 :

This fun class introduces new turns, leaps, jumps & tricks to students who want to challenge themselves along with practicing and perfecting the basics. Students work on flexibility and conditioning every week.  Jazz/Ballet/Technique enrollment and placement solely depends on what skill level your dancer is at and will be determined by the director or teacher.  

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